Help a Child believes that building the right foundation during the early years will set children on a path for future success. However, there are still gaps in the education system which can make it difficult for school-age children to receive the education and support they need to overcome barriers, develop their potential, and become active citizens.

Our basic education program has the following objectives:

1. Children know their worth and are equipped with the life skills needed to take positive action in their lives

2. Communities take action to ensure all children receive quality, basic education

Children’s Groups
Help a Child forms and manages children’s groups within the communities where the program is implemented. These groups are part of the self-help group approach and are linked to cluster-level associations. Through participation in group activities, children learn skills and get information about how to keep themselves safe and protected. They are also given an opportunity to develop their talents and build their confidence. Older groups of children often start saving and engaging in small projects to develop themselves and their families. Right now more than 40 children's groups are active within the Help a Child community program.

Community Involvement in Schools
Help a Child mobilizes parents to join the General Assembly Committee of the schools their children attend and builds the capacity of these committees to play their role properly: to oversee the planning and quality of education in order to improve the school in various ways.