To address the issues of unemployment amongst youth Help a Child introduces the YACSMART project: Youth Active in Climate Smart Agriculture. This program is an economic empowerment program focusing on youth, initiated by Help a Child Malawi and implemented in partnership with National Association of Smallholder farmers (NASFAM) and Livingstonia Synod Aids Program (LISAP).

With Malawi facing growing numbers of youth entering the labour market, there is a need to focus on economic growth and job creation. The disillusionment of Malawian youth with agricultural livelihoods raises concerns for the future of agriculture in the country. This can lead to higher rural-urban migration, increased urban unemployment, and insufficient experienced and motivated future farmers Help a Child's response to this is the YACSMART project, located in TA Zilakoma, Nkhatabay. Based on thorough market research the groundnut value chain has been selected for this project.

The main goal: Youths (18-35) are economically empowered through increased incomes, acquired entrepreneurship skills and access to quality Sexual Reproductive Health services. In the pilot phase 200 youth are targeted to participate in groundnut production and 500 youth are expected to benefit from increased access to quality sexual reproductive health. After this the project intents to scale up.

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