Focusing on the economic empowerment of families with young children directly contributes to the well being of the children.

Targeted families are provided with necessary training and support to set up enterprises that will enable them to earn a decent living. Most families in the areas where we work depend on agriculture. Consequently, improved farming, marketing, improvised techniques in retailing and earning higher profits are demonstrated and encouraged among these families.

To improve the households’ income, we work on improving the communities’ knowledge on climate smart farming methods. We also encourage small land holding farmers to work together. We promote the formation of farmer’s associations through trainings in farming techniques, market research, storing and marketing of harvest and the management of the associations. Our goal is to empower the selected families to enhance their income, manage their debts and break out of the poverty cycle.

Moreover, through self-help groups (SHGs) we train parents and the community on savings, loans and setting up businesses. Beyond enabling economic empowerment, the SHGs facilitate social and political empowerment of the communities.