In India, Help a Child is addressing early childhood development in the targeted communities by imparting parenting skills to parents of children between the ages of 0 to 6. The Government of India has well defined policies and quality standards for implementing the program through the Integrated Child Development Services.

However, actually implementing these programs has its challenges. To overcome these we collaborate with local NGOs. During the course of the program several key issues emerged such as: the lack of parental care - essential to a child’s well-being, and limited access to facilities for early childhood care.

Early Childhood Development includes services like post natal care of the mother, neonatal care, immunization, growth monitoring, and monitoring developmental milestones on a regular basis.

Our focus lies on developing parenting skills, sensitization and raising awareness on the involvement of men in the upbringing of children. This includes the formation of mothers’ club, fathers’ club, and mass campaigns on early childhood care and development needs that should be addressed in the community.

Furthermore, we conduct awareness programs to utilize facilities available for early childhood development and to educate community on best practices.