In Arba Minch in the South-West of Ethiopia, EKHC SWZ (Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Southwest Zone) is implementing a program called ‘Unleashing the potential of Marginalized communities for better Living’. The program is targetting 1080 households.

In general, the intervention area is food insecure and has a high population pressure, small land holding - shortage of farm land, eroded soil, lack of income generating activities and low level of education. The children are often deprived of basic needs, have no or little access to basic social services such as school, health facilities, vocational skills training centers, which makes them vulnerable to child trafficking, and other forms of exploitation and exclusion.

The long-term goal of the program is a self-sufficient community coming out of the chronic poverty in the years 2016 to 2020.

Three major outcomes of this program are:

  1. Development of children. Core interventions: parenting training, improved quality education, improved access to health and wash services, multi purpose ECD centers, and child protection and participation.

  2. Improved livelihood. Core interventions:Farmers training on sustainable organic agriculture, linkage to Business development service providers, natural resource conservation, organizing SHGs and Functional adult literacy (FAL). Promotion of these core interventions will lead to food and income security.

  3. Stable & competent economic institution. Core interventions: establishment and strengthening of Self Help Groups, entrepreneurial and life skills training, market linkage, training on lobby skills, experience sharing and quality coaching and facilitation. Promotion of these interventions lead to creating healthy coops and ensured equal business opportunity for all.