EKHC Kuriftu is a partner organization of Help a Child in Ethiopia and has implemented a program in Debre Zeit since early ‘90s. This program was initially labelled as a FFF (Family First Focus) program and later on in 2011 changed into a CCCD program (Child Centred Community Development).

The CCCD approach is fully focusing on strengthening of the community’s and children’s own strengths and capabilities. In December 2017 the program will fully be phased-out. The general goal of the program is a stable, productive and healthy community by improved child well-being and family strengthening. Around 550 households, 450 children and 2500 youth will be targeted by this program.

Main pillars of the program:

· Improved child participation. Children are seen as important actors who are very well able to know what is important in their life. The knowledge on child rights, life skills and self-esteem of children is therefore developed through the establishment of different kind of clubs (sport, literature, drama, girls clubs).

· Youth empowerment. Youth are trained in their vocational knowledge and skills and they are linked to public and private sector for jobs.

· Responsible parenting. Parents are trained and equipped to take care of themselves and their children. Training on education, health and wash is provided.

· Food diversification Parents are made aware of the importance of nutritious and diversified food. Home gardening is promoted and training on poultry farming is provided.

· Strengthening of Self Help groups. The members of the SHG’s are trained (communication, leadership, decision making, problem solving), linked to MFI’s and supported to start their own business. By generating an income parents are able to provide for the educational, health and nutritional needs of their children.