Working together with others is crucial to continue improving our organization. Our most important partners and partnerships are:


EU-CORD is a network of European Christian Relief and Development NGOs. The network is made up of member organisations – 22 NGOs that work together in the area of lobbying, advocacy fundraising and program development and program implementation. (


Perspactive is a Dutch cooperative of nine organizations working in development cooperation. Empowering people in developing countries is the main goal of this new initiative. (

Christian Emergency Aid Cluster

The emergency aid cluster consists of the following organizations: Dorcas, Help a Child, Tear, Woord en Daad and ZOA. We jointly raise and spend emergency aid funding in the event of disasters.

Dutch Relief Alliance

The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) is a coalition of 16 Dutch aid and humanitarian organisations funded through a partnership with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). The DRA provides urgent humanitarian assistance and responds to major international crises. (


Partos is the Dutch association for NGOs working in International Development. The association represents 120 Dutch development organisations. It engages in, among other things, lobbying with the government and joint quality improvement. ( 

Goede Doelen Nederland

This association represents the interests of national fundraising charities in the Netherlands. (


Help a CHild has a Framework Partnership Agreement with the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO). The main mission of ECHO is to preserve lives, prevent and alleviate human suffering and safeguard the integrity and dignity of populations affected by natural disasters and man-made crises. Headquartered in Brussels with a global network of field offices, DG ECHO ensures rapid and effective delivery of EU relief assistance.