Last weekend, tutors of all Rwanda’s 16 teacher training colleges relived their childhood during a training on methods for teaching pre-primary children.

“A playful, lively and meaningful weekend”

The training weekend was organized by the Rwanda Education Board in partnership with Help a Child, who has played a leadership role in creating the syllabus for the pre-primary teaching methods course and has developed an accompanying textbook and tutor guide. The training builds on a general orientation training, that was given to tutors of teacher training colleges during the recent school holiday. The pre-primary teaching training last weekend was meant to give tutors of teacher trainings colleges light on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of the Teaching Methods and Practice (TMP) Course for pre-primary Syllabus, by sharing experiences, deepen knowledge of specific developmental milestones and practicing some of the activities suggested in the syllabus and textbook. All 22 participants were very committed and gained a lot of new ideas and practices, referring to the training as “a playful, lively and meaningful weekend.’

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