At least a million people are in need of immediate assistance due to heavy rainfalls and flooding in South Sudan. Together with local and international partners Help a Child is preparing the distribution of food, non-food items and hygiene materials. Picture: ZOA

In total 32 counties in Jonglei, Upper Nile, Warrap, Eastern Equatoria, Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Unity and Lakes are affected. Thousands of people are surviving at the roofs of their homes, waiting for assistance. 'The situation is devastating', says Angelo Paterno, Country Program Director of Help a Child in South Sudan: 'People have lost all their possessions. Crops are washed away and houses are collapsed or flooded. Latrines are collapsed as well. The people in the flooded areas are prone to water borne diseases. Right now it is almost impossible to response or give support as access remains difficult. We need to wait till the water subsides.'
Pibor in Jonglei state is the most heavily affected area. Help a Child is present in this area and, together with local and international partners, is preparing distribution of most needed items such as food, shelter and hygiene materials. 

At this page we will keep you informed about the situation. 


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