In 2018 children continued to die because of poverty. That is a bitter and painful reality, and one I cannot accept. Children are unique beings, created by God, given to parents and families. Guided by that thought, our only course is to do everything in our power to offer a future to children living in chronic need or emergency situations.

In 2018 we were again able to help almost 150,000 children. Not for a fleeting moment, but for the rest of their lives. With our approach, we help parents and families to increase their income on a lasting basis and bring up their children in health and safety. 2018 was an anniversary year. We celebrated our 50th birthday with employees, sponsors, donors and other stakeholders. We are enormously grateful to them, because they are the ones who enable us to help so many children grow out of poverty for good. Despite the many obstacles, we are very often successful. That’s not just what we think, but what we know. Because to mark our anniversary, we commissioned an in-depth study into the longer-term impact of our programmes. The results were heartening: many children and families have seen an enormous change for the better in their lives. The study also produced valuable advice on how we can do things even better. In this annual report, we look at length at the outcomes and takeaways from the impact study. We also tell about our programmes in 2018, the results achieved, our income and expenditures, our organization and how it is run, and about our short- and long-term policy. Looking back, a sense of gratitude prevails. Gratitude for all the support and trust we receive from our donors, for the uplifting results of our work and for the blessing of our Heavenly Father that again befell us this year.

Andries Schuttinga CEO


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