With pleasure and gratitude, and a bit of a heavy heart, Agnes looks back on her time at Help a Child. Since 2011 she has been working with Help a Child where, for the last several years, she worked as Manager Programs and Institutional Funding.

What do you like about this job?

“It’s a combination of factors. The job is very diverse: in my department, different areas of expertise come together. Creating synergy and bringing these areas of expertise together has been a wonderful challenge. Together we can achieve so much more than each of us individually. Also, one side of this job is the programming, while on the other side there is fundraising through institutional donors and trust funds.
I was frequently in contact with the different country offices, worked together with our international colleagues as well as traveled on a regular basis. Visiting our projects has definitely been valuable for me. In our project areas, I have often seen a sparkle in the eyes of people which was not there before. I have witnessed great examples that the work of Help a Child really makes a difference.”

What is your best accomplishment?

“There have been quite a lot of good results, but if I have to pick one, I would say the large subsidy we secured for South Sudan. What I loved about that one was our teamwork. We worked incredibly hard and together we accomplished a great result: because of the subsidy more girls are going to school! A year after the program was finished, I went back to South Sudan. Although we had already been gone from the project area for a while, I met people who had become convinced of the value of girls’ education. They had continued the program with their own resources and sometimes even voluntarily. That really has motivated me even more. With our approach we really can get things done!”

What is your favorite memory from working at Help a Child?

“Well, it’s actually a number of smaller things. I enjoyed sometimes working really late with colleagues to finish a proposal. Working as a team, that really energizes me. A few years ago, we merged two departments into one. After a while, during one of our team meetings, I noticed that we indeed had become one team and that it was going well. I also have fond memories of celebrating our birthdays together. The attention and care given to colleagues, to me really shows the DNA of our organization. The collegiality and the atmosphere at the office are precious to me. We are one team with the same goal in mind.”

What do you want to say to your successor?

“The job is very diverse and you are given the opportunity to be strategically involved in different areas. It’s necessary to be flexible and to be able to take the organization a step further. The sector we work in is constantly changing and it is important to not only adjust but also to grow. You will be managing a diverse team of dedicated professionals. Together with the country offices you are given the challenge to provide support to vulnerable children and families. And that is truly rewarding!”

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